Book Review: Theorizing Social Movements


Joe Foweraker’s book Theorizing Social Movements is a compelling introduction to social movement theories and how they relate to a certain region in the world which in this case in Latin America.

About the Author 

As his page in Oxford University demonstrates, Foweraker has been leading research on democracy and social movements with a focus on Latin America. He edited Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought and a co-authored  Governing Latin America. His current research deploys classical democratic theory to analyze the nature of Latin American democracy. His latest book is Democracy and its Discontents in Latin America.

Protesting the Death of Tahir Elçi

Tahir Elçi, a celebrated human rights lawyer and activist promoting peace, was killed in Diyarbakir after a gun battle between the police and unidentified shooters.

He was issuing a press statement, calling out for an end to violence between the Turkish state and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) when he was shot dead. He was 49 years old.

Masses gathered after hearing the news of his death in Istanbul by organising a vigil at Istiklal Street.

It can be said that the vigil happened spontaneously as over the years Istiklal Street became the main venue to protest injustice.

His death incited anger as he was an advocate for peace and reconciliation.

Almost everyone who knew him stated that “he was a good man that helped everyone around him.”

The protestors held photos of Elci and stayed in silence to commemorate him, then chanted slogans to express their outrage.

The following slogans were chanted: “Murderer State”, “You can’t kill us all”, “Şehîd Namirin” which means martyrs never die in Kurdish.

The police tried to disperse the crowd by driving armoured vehicles towards them and fired water cannons.

Yet the crowds remained.

It was a sad day for peace in Turkey.

It was a sad day.